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Source Cases: J. Hopkins University
Source Measures: Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker
Source Gastronomy and Non-essential shops: - we give our best do keep things updated for Europe, please report us any mistake.

Source Re: ETH Zurich
Re estimation based on confirmed cases is used. With high test positivity rates, the estimates based on the case numbers may be too low.
This is the mean Re, for high/low, visit the Dashboard of ETH Zurich.
The methods used are explained here.

Development past week/week before (%)

Rise/Fall total cases past 7 days compared to one week ago. Value > 100 = Cases double in a week, 0 = constant growth, <0 growth slowing down.

Source Covid deaths: J. Hopkins University
A positivity rate higher then 5% is considered as a sign that there is not enough testing and a danger of loosing control. See this article from the John Hopkins University.

Source Positivity: Our World in data

Source Tests: Our World in data